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Warhaus - We Fucked A Flame Into Being LP



Although Devoldere has up until now kept his Warhaus persona well under the radar, the rare glimpses offered up to this point have conjured up a darkly esoteric lyrical universe, fueled by desire and love, haunted by a hunger for the fleeting, yearning to express the unsayable; We F***ed A Flame Into Being probes such depths savagely. Illusion and disillusion may subtly interchange, but it is the lie that Warhaus most honors, sowing seeds of despair in an unstable world: "You want magic, count me in / You want Jesus, well I'm not him / You're an angel or a whore / Tell me who you're working for / Loving you isn't easy you know / But it's a motherf***er not to do so..." ('I'm Not Him') "I love contradictions," asserts Devoldere. "They are musically very appealing to me: raw vs. Fundamentally passionate, brutal vs. #romantic, art vs. Kitsch, archaic vs. #modern." The French '60s, a touch of exoticism, a careless apathy: Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg are never far away, as We F***ed A Flame Into Being cleverly coalesces 50 years of music history. "I'm at the end of my twenties now. With this record I close an important period," adds Devoldere. "It's an ode to love, to it's excesses and elusiveness. Though love songs are a form of advertising: you portray a woman and the listener should fall in love with her too."

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