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Capcom Sound Team - Resident Evil OST (1996 Original + Remix) 3LP



n partnership with Capcom, we are honored to present an especially tasty triple vinyl release for the game that birthed the term “survival horror”, Resident Evil aka Bio Hazard.

The Laced team conducted extensive research into track sources; multiple, often conflicting official and fan titles; and track lengths, factoring in things like music loops and gameplay events. Meanwhile, sleeve artist Boris Moncel of Blackmane Design beavered away on terrifying original pieces for this historic release, studying reference points for creatures and locations from a nearly 30-year-old game.

Disc 1 includes the iconic original 1996 soundtrack by Koichi Hiroki, Makoto Tomozawa and Masami Ueda — with a little help from a certain Ludwig van Beethoven. 45 tracks have been painstakingly edited for length, titles confirmed (and in some cases officially newly designated, e.g. “Murder of Crows”) and mastered specially for vinyl.

Discs 2 & 3 are a special treat, constituting a new format release for Resident Evil Soundtrack Remix (originally released in Japan in 1996 as Bio Hazard Sound Track Remix.) Makoto Tomozawa’s 34-track album features rearranged versions of music from the game intermingled with dialogue snippets and sound effects to help fans relive the survival horror experience.

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