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Coral Morphologic & Nick León - Projections of a Coral City LP



Coral Morphologic and Nick León's Projections of a Coral City marks a series of collisions between distant worlds: the organic and the artificial, the Eocene and the Anthropocene, sea and cement -- and even, perhaps, ambient music and activism. Coral Morphologic are the Miami duo of marine biologist Colin Foord and musician J.D. McKay; since 2007, they have used a variety of multimedia projects to generate environmental awareness of marine biodiversity -- most notably Coral City Camera, an underwater webcam streaming live from an urban reef ecosystem in Port Miami. Their city-mate Nick León is a linchpin of South Florida's contemporary leftfield electronic scene, with releases for Tra Tra Trax, Future Times, and NAAFI, and credits on records by Rosalía, GAIKA, and Iceboy Violet, among others. This collaborative project dates back to 2022, when Coral Morphologic mounted a monumental projection mapping installation on Biscayne Boulevard. For five nights in late November and early December, macroscopic films of corals played out across the exterior of Knight Concert Hall. The installation was, on the one hand, a glimpse into a possible future, imagining how the city's skyline might appear if unchecked global warming and rising seas led coral reefs to colonize the built environment. But it also represented a look back into the deep past, a reminder that Miami is literally built from marine limestone mined from the Everglades. As an album, Projections of a Coral City is a suite of interconnected movements spread across two sides of vinyl. The tones are watery, the mood elegiac, the colors a washed-out pastel. Forms that appear static on the surface gradually open up to reveal hidden depths teeming with microscopic movement. You might detect resonances with other aquatically minded works -- Jürgen Müller's Science of the Sea, Harold Budd's liquid piano compositions, even the slow-moving melancholy of Dr. Roger Payne's Songs of the Humpback Whale. But ultimately Projections of a Coral City creates the impression of a world unto itself -- a hauntingly beautiful space at the meeting point between sorrow and hope.

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