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Philip Glass - The Essential (Numbered, Clear, 180g) 4LP



Lightning (Songs from Liquid Days)
Facades (Glassworks)
A Gentleman's Honor (The Photographer)
Primacy of Number (Naqoyqatsi)
Metamorphosis IV (Liquid Days, Part II)
Open the Kingdom (Liquid Days, Part II)
Dance II (In the Upper Room)
Dance VIII (In the Upper Room)
Glasspiece #1 (Rubric from Glassworks)
Changing Opinion (Songs from Liquid Days)
Opening (Glassworks
Floe (Glassworks)
Funeral of Amenhotep III (Akhnaten)
Point Blank (Naqoyqatsi)
Wichita Vortex Sutra
Forgetting (Songs from Liquid Days)
Dance IX (In the Upper Room)
The Dam (Itaipu)
Definition (Naqoyqatsi)
Protest (Satyagraha)
Evening Song (Satyagraha)
Hymn to the Sun (Akhnaten)
Trial - Prison (Einstein on the Beach)
Akhnaten and Nefertiti (Akhnaten)
Kuru Field of Justice (Satyagraha)
Knee Play 1 (Einstein on the Beach)
Tolstoy Farm (Satyagraha)
Window of Appearances (Akhnaten)
Bed (Einstein on the Beach)
Epilogue (Akhnaten)
Knee Play 5 (Einstein on the Beach)

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