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Ruth Mascelli - Non-Stop Healing Frequency (Limited) LP



The second solo album from one quarter of the amazing Special Interest, and a clear progression from the pulse-racing nightime bathouse concept of their debut record. Non-Stop Healing Frequency is a carefully constructed sequence of electronic mood pieces, tender ballads, kosmische disco tracks and industrial symphonies. Synth, piano and drum machine are layered carefully over the course of these eleven tracks, with Mascelli’s own voice featured several times, including a devastating version of “Lopin’ Along Thru The Cosmos” by the late, great Judee Sill. The themes explored on the album include new age and self help scams, MKultra and CIA experiments in altered states of consciousness, christian and gnostic mysticism, and different methods of working through personal grief. Ruth comments: “the overarching perspective of the record is exploring ways people try to cope and make sense of an insane world and how oftentimes seeking truth earnestly leads you to exploitation.”

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