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Space Heater/Kurt Fowl: The Dynamite Express Zine



Life in Bet City doesn’t come easy. A missing persons report guides our “lasstronaut” Maiden X into the seedy underground ruled by Dr. Dynamo (played by Kurt Fowl). This Film Noir inspired sci-fi thriller is packed with campy fun.

The Dynamite Express is written, recorded, and produced by outsider art-pop bands Space Heater X and Kurt Fowl. It’s a photo-collage graphic novel that blends the fun of comics with the dramatic ambiance of radio drama.

Stream the audio channel while you read the hard copy to sync up your eyes and ears. The Dynamite Express has full voice acting, sound effects, and a film score. Jet-set to the beat of a heavy bass drum.
Outer space is defined as the expanse that exists beyond Earth, its atmosphere, and between celestial bodies. So what lies beyond the cover of this book? There’s only one way to find out… See you on the other side, space cadets.

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