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DJ Tahira - Minhas Versoes LP



World-renowned Brazilian DJ, producer and music lover, DJ Tahira unveils this collection of exclusive edits and remixes on Poeira Music. Featuring six captivating tracks on vinyl for the very first time, this EP showcases Tahira's exceptional talent for remixing and editing, offering fans a fresh take on some of his most beloved creations. Till now a secret weapon for a select cadre of DJs, Tahira's organic "Maculele Edit" of the already classic "Banho de Folhas" by Luedji Luna draws inspiration from the ancestral rhythm Maculele, a fundamental element of the globally renowned Baile funk sound. A fusion of Latin and samba influences, Tahira's rework of the 2000s hit "Meu Esquema" by Mundo Livre S.A. and Bruno Pedrosa offers a fresh perspective on the original samba bossa nova track. The Tahira remix of New Zealand's "Chi Chi Cha Cha" by Latinaotearoa invites listeners on a journey through Latin sounds blended seamlessly with Brazilian influences, featuring the enchanting vocals of Ully Costa. Hailing from Brasilia, Leticia Fialho and her beautiful "Corpo e Canção" receive Tahira's magical touch, with Afro-Brazilian Ijexá rhythm influences and a captivating exploration of the melodic theme. A masterful blend of samba beats and synths, Tahira's "SambaJazz Instrumental Remix" of "Iroke" by Edground showcases his ability to create genre-defying musical experiences. Tahira's remix of "Moqueca" by the exciting trio of Captain Planet, Zuuka Poderosa, and Raphael Futura, combines Brazilian Ijexá and Latin cumbia percussion in an irresistible up-tempo beat.

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