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Various - Swedish Meatballs / The Psychedelic Hard Rock Underground 1971-1977 Vol. 1 (Limited) LP



Way-out heavy psych mindblowers with blistering guitars and pounding drums! Subliminal Sounds swings open the portals to the long lost, ultra-rare, or previously unreleased, music and history of these loud and hairy underground hard rocking champions. Possessed zit covered Viking teens going berserk and blasting loud and heavy sounds at youth halls making the stoner kids go meatball crazy. Hippies, stoners, hoodlums or whatever they were called. Anarchists. Freaks United! Clandestine underground garage hard rock heavies' recordings in the basement of an adult movies film studio. Chicks like wah-wah! All in a day's work for the Swedish Meatballs. This is a tasty new release in our series: The Swedish Hard Rock Underground - A Smorgasbord of Heavy Sounds!

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